Twice as Sexy by Carly Phillips

Published: January 7, 2019

The second book in the Sexy series is here and it deals with Tanner who has as much of a temper as anyone. But it is only invoked when he is protecting his friends and family. The heroine is the beautiful Scarlett who has one goal and that is to make sure no one walks from a crime on a technicality. These two shouldn’t have worked so well together but they totally did and it made this book a delightful and exciting read. Especially with an unknown threat after Scarlett. Could it be the mob boss she is trying to take down or is it more personal? And I did receive an ARC for an honest review but how can you not want to read this book. Have you seen the cover?

Tanner has never wanted the whole wife and 2.5 kids thing. He didn’t grow up an a stable household and that has colored the way he sees things. But when he has a *zing* moment with beautiful woman across the dance floor of his club he instantly thinks that she is way to good for him but he is drawn to her. So when she brazenly comes up to him and offers up a one night stand he takes her up on it. However, when she ditches him as he deals with club business he is upset by it because he wanted to spend more time with her. He never wants to spend more time with women. Now Scarlett is on his mind all the time and the people who are messing with his club are stepping it up with things like a bomb threat. And somehow Scarlett gets pulled into it all no matter how much Tanner has tried to keep her separate. Now she is part of his life (even if temporarily) and he needs to trust her with his past before it comes back to blow up everything he has worked for.

Scarlett is an assistant district attorney who is married to her work. She doesn’t have time for dating or fun really so when her friend literally drags her to the hottest club in town she figures she should let her hair down. It is her birthday after all. In doing that she propositions one of the owners of the club and he takes her up on it. Only he is called away and before she can be turned out of his bed she leaves and resigns it all to happy memories and a one night stand. Little does she expect how persistent Tanner is in getting to know her and working around her schedule. He understands that she is a workaholic and needs that to maintain order in her life. However, with Tanner around she realizes that everything won’t fall apart if she doesn’t work the weekend away or work late into the night just to be ahead and not because she has to be ahead. He also brings her lunch just to see her and she has never had anyone do that. Tanner is the whole package which scares her more than the threat against her life. Some priorities she has.

This book started out really good and rather normal but it picked up quickly with the things going on at club TEN29 and the chemistry between the two protagonists. Not to mention the pasts that both of them were trying to overcome. I seriously can’t wait for Landon’s book though. If you haven’t read the summary of it you need to so that you’ll understand. His entire world is going to be flipped upside down.

—“Despite the seriousness of their conversation, he winked and her girlie parts stood up and took notice.” -Scarlett—

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