Where Winter Finds You by J.R. Ward

Published: November 26, 2019

The book we have all been waiting for is finally available to the world and as of this post has been out for a bit over two months. This book is the second part of Trez and Selena’s story. Because if you weren’t raging mad at the end of The Shadows you are lying to yourself. I was both sad and mad at that book so now that we have the second part I wasn’t sure what to expect. I will say I didn’t love this book as much as I wanted to. I will explain why at the end but it won’t be spoiler free so I want to give you (the reader) time to bail if you want.

Trez has been living a half life since the death of his queen, Selena. He doesn’t want to live without her but he can’t figure out how to end his life. If he commits suicide he won’t join her in the Fade but something doesn’t give soon he doesn’t know how he can live much longer. But he knows of another female who looks exactly like Selena and many of the same idiosyncrasies. So when they have a fateful meetup in his club he is convinced that Therese is his Selena come back to life. The only problem is he can’t seem to connect Selena’s life with what Therese is telling him about her own. Until he cannot deny it any longer that she isn’t his Selena but someone who looks like her. He didn’t want to care for and hurt Therese but it looks like he did. Now he’s lost them both.

Therese has been lied to her entire life. When she comes to Caldwell, NY she doesn’t know what to expect but it isn’t the attentions of a gorgeous Shadow who she feels like she knows. Not only is it a bad idea to get involved with anyone at the moment he is the brother to her boss. But does she listen to her own advice? Nope. It isn’t until she is involved with Trez that she begins to discover things about him. Like he lost his shellan. She doesn’t want to replace this woman but everything with him feel so easy and so right. When she has her cell phone stolen she know that she should just use the one she had from her previous life. Only to find out that her mother is in the hospital in Caldwell because the best healer is there and not Michigan. She knows that this is a lot to throw at a new relationship but she can’t do it without Trez. Until she has to because he believed that she was the reincarnation of his beloved shellan. And he is only with her until he was able to convince himself that she isn’t the same woman.

Ok so the first part I didn’t like was the first chapter. That took forever for me to get through. Like, I understand it was there to show Lassiter’s divine powers but it was rather pointless. Well, at least, I thought that was the point of that chapter. I also was not a fan of the way she wrote the reincarnation. Like Trez is suddenly forgiven because Therese believes that she was reincarnated. She remembers him in a time of distress and sees Selena. I just think it could have been done better. She didn’t need to have the same memories of Selena because it felt like at the end everyone was like “She’s Selena” but not Therese. That just bothered me for some reason. I definitely suggest reading this book because it needs to be read if you want to continue with the BDB books. But I definitely was hoping for more.

—“‘Are you guys keeping up here?’ When there was no collective response, he pshaw’d them all. “S’okay, I know you’re in awe of my greatness. I get it. Happens all the time. Anyway, you guys talk amongst yourselves, but she’s going to be fine and he’s going to be fine, and Merry fucking Christmas. Just call me Lassi-claus!'” – Lassiter about Therese and Trez to everyone—

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