Fashion Jungle by Kathy Ireland and Rachel Van Dyken

Published: January 28, 2020

This book wasn’t what I was expecting when I heard about it. Honestly, if I wasn’t on t Rachel’s review team I probably wouldn’t have read it based on the blurb of the book jacket alone. However, I’m glad I was basically required to read it because it was so much better than I thought it was going to be. This book follows the lives and the legacy of four women who broke through the fashion world in New York City. Only not everything is as it seems with these women. Secrets are everything in the jungle and each one of them holds their own.

The book starts at the funeral of Danica the friend who was the reason I said this follows the legacy of these women. It appears she killed herself but her brother is out to prove that wasn’t what happened. Only a year later he hasn’t done that but he is so close. He is also out to get Zoe’s hand in marriage. Dane will do whatever he has to in order to protect Zoe and her friends which makes him the go-to man. But he knows all of there secrets that can’t stay secrets forever. These three women appear to be on top off the fashion jungle but they are actually being strangled by the vines.

Zoe knows she lied in how she got the money for her fashion line but after she paid Dane back she didn’t expect his interest for the loan to be her hand in marriage. She loved him once but then she saw the monster that he keeps hidden. Granted he only lets the monster loose when she is in danger and she was going to be ruined when she saw that side of him. Now her past is back to take her down but Dane won’t let that happen. He will protect her. For a price.

Brittany is America’s sweetheart but she holds secrets like the rest of them. She fell in love with the president’s son and had a daughter that she had to give up because he gave her up. Now 16 years later she is still pretending to be the virgin girl next door because it is easier than admitting what Ronan did to her. That is until she meets Dr. Oliver Desmond. He wants everything with her and isn’t intimidated by the world she lives in. Which is rare in her experience. She doesn’t want another heartbreak like Ronan did to her but she wants to give Oliver a chance. So when she finds her daughter and realizes that she knows who she is she will need to decide if she wants to pursue a relationship with her daughter and keep Oliver or just break up with the doctor.

Everley has the perfect life. At least from the outside. On the inside she was living in hell and didn’t know how to leave. Her husband is a world famous fashion photographer and and she seems to have it all until she realizes that he comes home smelling like a different woman every night. Not only that but every time they were intimate she hurt and she knew that isn’t what their life is supposed to be like. So when she finds out she is pregnant all she can think of is how it will change her body and how she will no longer look like herself. She wants to tell her friends and her husband but she is afraid how they will all react to this change. The only person that knows is Dane who seems to know everything. How can she get herself out of this mess and keep her lifestyle?

I think I would have liked this much more if I hadn’t know that it was based on true events because throughout the whole book I was like “this doesn’t happen in real life but it did”. If they would have told me at the end of the book that it was all based on real life events I probably would have been blown away but throughout the book I was in disbelief about it all. I wish I knew what real life events these correlated with but that isn’t necessary to really enjoy this book. It was different from many in the genre that I’ve read recently and I’m glad that I got the opportunity to read it.

—“Roger, you’re alive! I’m so pleased you didn’t walk into the light…”-Brittany—

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