Frenemies by Emma Hart

Published: January 28, 2020

Definitely a quick read romantic comedy from Emma Hart. Frenemies is a second chance romance that is ripe with sarcasm and prank wars. The perfect combination to an unlikely romance. Though these two characters were interesting they were kinda like the rest of the characters that have been showing up in Emma’s books. I love them but the heroines could almost be interchangeable at this point. Which probably just means I should diversify my Emma Hart reads.

Immy or Imogen lives with her grandmother and runs the art store in town. She thought she was over the hurt caused by her standing booty call in college but hasn’t. She doesn’t realize that she had actual feelings for him until he moves in next door with his little girl and she is not happy to see him. Though she still doesn’t think she ever had feelings for him. Though he seems to want to at least be friends she wants nothing to do with him. Immy figures she can at least ignore him but her grandmother has different ideas. She apparently wants grandchildren and decides that Immy won’t be able to get a man on her own. So she sets Mason up as the fall man for a prank against Immy that will require her to interact with him. Immy takes pranks series and before she knows it she is spending more time with him than she should. All thanks to pranks that went awry.

Mason has never forgotten about Imogen. He knows he was an ass for not calling her after graduation like he said he would but he never thought he’d see her again. That is until she comes marching over to his new house and demands to know what he is doing there. Though the situation is hilarious he has a panic attack because she looks just as good as she did in college. That is not good for his peace of mind. Little does he know that her grandmother isn’t good for his peace of mind either. Combine these two women with his 3 year old daughter and he has a near constant reason to drink. Only he still wants a relationship with Immy. She was the one that got away and since she doesn’t want to hurt his daughter he knows that she will be the right person to at least see where a relationship could go with.

A week later I finally got this review out. I don’t know why but it was kind of hard for me to write. Maybe it’s because this book seemed so much like the others that I’ve read from Emma recently. I genuinely enjoyed it but writing a blog post for it seemed to have been rather difficult. I hope that the next one will go better. I also hope that I am like Immy’s grandmother when I’m 80. That is all we can really ask for out of life.

—“Seven-thirty, like I said. And if you bring Jack, I’ll beat you with the bottle. They already smuggle their contraband in like it’s the Twenties and it’s illegal.” -Immy to Mason—

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