Vendetta Road by Christine Feehan

Published: January 28, 2020

This was another don’t want to put it down books. Though it liked the first two novels better this one was still very good. It did seem like the first part of the book went kind of slowly because it all occurred within the same day but after that it picked up and the storyline started to flesh out. Like the other two some scenes in this book are hard to read due to content such as rape, pedophilia, and sex trafficking. Definitely know that those subjects are in this book and it was hard to read for sure but that isn’t anything different from the previous two so if you’re on the third book you should know what you’re getting in to. Though those are very hard topics to read about this series wouldn’t be as gripping without those very real topics. They are what makes the series.

Ice was at the end of his time. He knew it and just didn’t know how he wanted to go out or even how he could go out. That is until he stops dead on the street to see the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. He knows that he can’t have her so he needs to get on with the mission and though he does he can’t stop thinking about her. Until she shows up in a biker bar looking terrified. He will do what ever it takes to protect her and in doing that he’ll have to convince her that his type of kinks is what he’ll need for their relationship to work.

Soleil has more money than she knows what to do with which has made her a target for a ring of con men who marry rich women and then kill them. She doesn’t know that is what her fiancé has planned until he beats her and she over hears one of his conversations while she is supposed to be cleaning herself up. She takes that opportunity to run for her life and ends up at the last place he would think to look for her, a biker bar. When she walks in she immediately notices how out of place she is until she sees the Torpedo Ink cut. She knows she can trust the woman she met in the restroom, Lana, and the people wearing the same jacket. But when she meets Ice she wants him for herself and will do anything to get him to be her husband. Little does she know that’s exactly what he wants as well.

I was initially dismayed at the beginning of the book and the fact that the first 100 pages or so all happened in the same night. But like I said previously, I got over it. This book dealt with a lot of issues with Ice and even the feelings of abandonment and loneliness of Soleil. I like that these books take two people who essentially think they are broken and make them whole with some jagged edges. The Torpedo Ink series deals with a lot of ugliness and is hard to read but I’m glad that it tackles these things because though this is fantasy all of this happens in the real world. Most of us are just unaware of it. Which is both good and bad. So I’ll leave this here with a hope that you enjoy this book and think beyond the fact that it is a work of fiction.

—“‘You need to see what I am,” Ice said quietly. “It doesn’t matter that all of us are like me. You just need to see me. She will be safe with you, no matter what your club thinks about her.'” -Ice, pg. 83—

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