Always Yours by Kennedy Fox

Published: February 18, 2020

This is the second duet book with Liam and Maddie and the final book in the Roommate Duet series. Now because I announced that I won’t be summarizing the books like I normally do, please bear with me while I adjust so you have an enjoyable and informative blog post.

Alright, with that said, I did enjoy this book though it was about 3.5 stars for me only because of all of the ups and downs the book had. It (obviously) started on a high note because we learned where Maddie was taken and what she was going through when Victoria forced her out of her home. All for Liam. It also explains why her sisters didn’t report her missing which is exactly what I would have done. After they are reunited the book slows down. It gives a sense of false security because Liam finally has leverage over Victoria. The slowing down made the book go slower for me because I knew something had to happen but didn’t know what and though there were “accidents” there was no indication on where the plot was going.

Needless to say I’m torn on how I feel about the moment when we find out where the book is heading. Like I knew JJ wouldn’t stay in the shadows but the prep time to do what JJ wants was kinda boring (yes, I know that’s vague as hell but I’m trying not to give away any spoilers). It is during this time and through the whole book that we get to learn more about Tyler who is the star of the next Ex-Con duet series. I’m not sure how I feel about that book starting 5 years after this one but that is neither here nor there I guess. This book wraps up in a nice little bow and I think y’all will enjoy the ending.

—-“He contemplates for a moment. “Six-foot five, a hundred seventy-five pounds, brown hair, and brown eyes. Favorite color is orange and I like spicy foods,” he rambles off, then gives me a shit-eating grin.” -Tyler to Maddie—-

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