Finding Him by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: February 25, 2020

This book was heart wrenching. Honestly, my emotions were everywhere during this novel. If you aren’t in tears at some point then I’m going to say your emotions are broken and you should probably have that looked at. This book is about the supposed “evil” twin Julian and his path to find himself after his mother dies and he basically doesn’t have a life anymore. Julian just doesn’t know what to do now that his brother is living a better version of his life and he no longer has his mother to help him try and figure out this new life. So he tries to figure out who he is without what mattered most to him.

Honestly, that loss of self was something that was hard to read but totally understandable. Then he met Keaton and she lost the man she loved and was mourning him while trying to write their story. The way Julian tried to help her even though it was for his own selfish reasons proved that he was a redeemable character. Though we should have expected that since he got his own book. Then the story of Keaton and Noah honestly had me bawling like a baby. It wasn’t just touching it was real and raw and allowed the reader to experience the pain of the loss. Though I could have done with less tears to be sure.

Yes, the book was fabulous and it was a quick read. You definitely want some tissues next to you as you get into it. I would read this book again in a heart beat and I hope that you all love the twists and turns that this takes and all of the heart wrenching moments that you are sure to experience. Don’t miss out on it and like many of Rachel’s other books it is available on Kindle Unlimited!

—-“Oh, you know, it’s three a.m., my girlfriend’s staring at me like she’s going to kill me before the cancer can, my everything hurts, I’m thirsty, my hair, which was my best feature, by the way, is completely gone, and I’m thinking about shaving my brows in the morning, you?” -Noah to Keaton–

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