Better Than Sexy by Carly Phillips

Published: February 25, 2020

Talk about a book that blasts through misconceptions. This one definitely showed that you can’t judge people based on their family members. It was also kinda hard to read at some spots because Vivi didn’t want to be judged on the crimes her brother committed against the men at ClubTEN29 but she didn’t want to cause more pain to them. And though she kept the information to herself it still came out and her fear was realized. But I was impressed with how Landon got over his prejudice and even convinced his parents to give Vivi a chance.

Then the dynamic between these two characters. They were definitely flawed like reality but they wanted what was best for each other. This book definitely dealt with a lot of feelings and how the characters got from distrust to trust to love. You don’t want to miss Landon and Vivi’s story. It was too short in my opinion and I’m so glad that they got their own story. Let me know what you think!

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