Kiss of Vengeance by S. Young

Published: March 3, 2020

The book was a cannot put down type of book. I loved War of Hearts which was the first paranormal romance by Samantha Young and this one continues the story of finding the Fae children to keep the gate to the Fae realm closed. I loved the first couple but I really loved Fionn and Rose. I was also pleased that we got Fionn’s book so quickly. He is talked about in the first book as the human king who was taken by the Fae Queen to be her slave. It did not even hint that he was still around and trying to get into the Faerie for his revenge. But his only way there is to kill a child of the Fae and all of that becomes a reality when he meets Rose. She doesn’t know anything about the supernatural so it is easy for him to gain her trust for his purpose.

I enjoyed how Rose didn’t blindly accept anything. She had to be shown proof and do her own thinking. I also liked that instead of the packs this book dealt with the different covens in this world so you learn the hierarchy and who is in charge. We do also get to see Thea again which gives a good connection between the two books. I know it might not seem like it in this post but I really could just gush about this book. The cover is gorgeous, the characters were badass, and the storyline was gripping. I was hooked after the first chapter.

I will say though the only downside to this book was the amount of times I had to look up the pronunciation to the Gaelic names. Especially the older ones. I know I wasn’t coming anywhere close in my head so just a heads up that going into Google and typing in “how do you pronounce (insert name)?” is a really great resource. It helped me immensely. I also want to give a warning to readers that could also be considered a SPOILER….
and that is that Rose has the ability to dream walk. Only Samantha does such a great job that when Rose is dream walking the dreams are in the native language of whoever’s dream it is. The first one is a dream in Spanish. Because I read the language I had no issues with this one. The second, however, is in Irish-Gaelic. This one I actually typed out the sentences into Google translate and it did a pretty good job. Only when I was done with the book did I find out that there are translations to the dreams at the back of the book. So if you want to flip through pages and such then feel free to go back and forth knowing that the translation is at the back of the book. I still think Google translating it was easier but then again I was using a kindle. So that is a heads up. I think footnotes of the translation would have been better than it at the back of the book since it won’t take the reader away from the story but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I am so excited for you all to read this book and I cannot wait for the next one. I get to see Samantha again when I attend RARE 2020 in Edinburgh so you can be sure I’ll gush all about these two books to her then. This continuation was amazing and the world that the author is building is going to leave readers wanting more for the entire series.

—“Without giving the wolf a heads-up, Fionn gripped him by the collar and sped him through the woods, bursting out of the trees at the faerie pools. He threw the two-hundred-seventy pound wolf like he was nothing more than a small sack of flour.” -Fionn and Conall MacLennon—

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