The Vampire Warrior King Series by Laura Kaye

Re-Released: March 3, 2020

This series was one of the first paranormal romances that Laura Kaye did and now that she has her rights back to them she is re-releasing the books with all new covers. I wasn’t sure about getting copies of these to review because I had read the first one a couple of years ago and it just didn’t do it for me. However, I gave it another chance and continued with the other books. The first one is probably the least interesting out of the three for me which is sad because it’s based in Ireland and I love Ireland. It just didn’t have enough drama and as a novella there wasn’t really anytime to cultivate it. The point of all three of these novellas was for the Vampire Warrior Kings to find their mates. And they did. The rest was just filler.

Either way I liked the second and third one much better. The women were just as strong or stronger than the first one and they were embroiled in more conflict that was originally put out there. The war that was hinted at was actually seen in these two because they took place outside of the vampire’s fortress. Which made them super quick reads because they had more action to their storyline though they were also novellas.

I do hope that Laura will write more in this series and longer books because I think it could be really good with more detail in the works. As for me, my favorite was Seduced by the Vampire King but my favorite king was Henrik. So I suppose I liked them all equally. Give them a shot today!!

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