Lethal Game by Christine Feehan

Published: March 3, 2020

This book was really good and kind of refreshing after the other GhostWalker books. I was feeling kinda “eh” about the GhostWalker books lately and I’m not sure why but this book has been a totally great read. This novel started out action packed with the team going in to extract another group of soldiers from a hot zone. If that doesn’t grab your attention and not let go then I don’t know what will. This book is about Malichai so it was him and Ruben who dropped into the hot zone to pull out the soldiers. Only Malichai gets hit and then is forced to go on a vacation which is not in his ability to do so.

The plot of this book was just so different from the recent ones and kinda hearkened back to the first parts of the series because Malichai didn’t meet Amaryllis on a mission set up by Whitney it was just a chance encounter that turned out to be more. Though this chance encounter also gave him the opportunity to meet the one paired with him and foil a terrorist plot put on by a faction of the US Army to destroy a piece convention. The twists and turns that this book took to figure out the plot and how things were going to go down was gripping and let us see more of the couples that we haven’t gotten to see in previous books like Trap and Cayenne.

Also, Jack and Ken Norton showed up in this one which totally made me happy but I was also really confused why they came from Montana instead of Team 3 who is from San Francisco. Though a couple of members of Team 3 were mentioned as helping out later on in the book. I just want another book with that team so bad! But after Mordichai’s book. Gotta finish out the trio first. And another thing! I loved that the book Amaryllis was reading was Toxic Game. That gave me a chuckle and they bonded over the book! Anyway, I hope my ramblings made sense and that you are totally willing to go out now and purchase this book. Because you most definitely should. Or grab it from your library like I did! If you’re quarantined now is the perfect time to pick it up!

—“‘What makes you think that? If I read romances, clearly I like happy endings and prefer books where men and women are faithful to one another.’ It was all about thinking fast on one’s feet. Any GhostWalker should be excellent at that.” -Malichai—

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