Sugarcoated by Erin Nicholas

Published: March 24, 2020

This one was a cute way to start a new series. The Hot Cakes series is brand new from Erin Nicholas and this first one deals with a second-chance / big brother’s best friend romance. Though the second chance part only comes about because Zoe propositions Aiden at Christmas and he turns her down. She is determined to lose her virginity and decides that Aiden is the best bet because she trusts him implicitly. However, when he says “no” she is more embarrassed than angry and doesn’t know what to do. So she just continues on with her life as the owner of Buttered Up bakery in her home town. She is perfectly happy with her life and then Aiden just walks right back into. She knew that she would have to face him eventually but didn’t expect it to be so soon. Aiden has planned his return to his home town in Iowa and his purchase of Buttered Up’s rival Hot Cakes almost perfectly. What he doesn’t expect is all the problems with the company or the fact Zoe will not change her opinion on Hot Cakes even though they sell different things.

On top of it all he is her brother’s best friend and if anything were to go south with them it would affect the entire family. Now he just need to keep the purchase underwraps until he can convince the girl of his dreams that he isn’t out to ruin her company. And the way he does it is super hot! Lets just say that it involves lots of cream filling. Honestly, one of the best scenes. But this book was first and foremost a slow burn and it was pretty slow for me. I like my slow burns to end about 40% into the book because I’m impatient. Not saying I don’t enjoy a good slow burn book I just enjoy the burn (that sounds wrong) more. Anyway, you all should check out the first book in this series. Definitely worth your time and your money.

—“The Fluke Inc. guys weren’t early-bird-gets-the-worm types. They were much more night-owls-get-the-juicy-mice types. Plus owls were fucking majestic as hell.” -Adrian—

Grab your copy from my link today:

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