Attracting Aubrey by Avery Flynn

Published: March 24, 2020

Simply hilarious. I only signed up for an ARC for Avery Flynn’s book but I kind of wish that I would have done them all now that I’ve read this one. I kind of want to know what the other friends were up to while Aubrey was fooling around with a movie star. I love Avery Flynn’s romcoms in general and this one was no exception. Aubrey is from the town Salvation where the Sweet sisters from a previous series were from and she is not happy with her life in the small town. So when she decides to go on a singles tour with her best friends from college she only expects to have some fun and then go back to her regular life. After stealing her friend’s jeans she needs someone to hide them and here comes a good looking tourist that will work just fine.

I’m sure Carter never expected to stuff a bunch of jeans under his shirt for a total stranger yet that is exactly what happened. Carter as a character was alright. He was the typical All American guy who just so happened to be a famous movie star. Though Aubrey was obsessed with him she didn’t realize it was him until after seeing is distinctive birthmark. The two of them were really cute together and definitely had the chemistry needed to have insta-lust on a singles cruise. And though the book totally has an adorable HEA I’m dying to know what happened with the other friends. Especially since Aubrey ditched them to have sex with Carter. I mean I don’t blame her but I need to know all the stories!

—“‘Midwesterners don’t have an accent,’ he scoffed. / She started at him in Southern. “Bless your heart.'” -Carter and Avery—

Grab your copy from my link:

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