Unforgotten Passion by Erika Wilde

Published: March 24, 2020

The next book for the Dirty Sexy Fairytales is here and it is just as good as the first three only slightly less steamy. It was more of a sweeter romance than the other ones and that might be because this one was also a second chance romance. Those tend to either be sweet and nostalgic or super feisty because one of the parties was wronged. This one was the first pair. This is also the first book that didn’t deal with the Wilde siblings themselves since all three of them are paired off though it was hinted at in the other books. This story takes on Rapunzel themes with the heroine having long golden hair and a very controlling mother. One who told the love of her life that he would only hold her back. Raevynn is a pop star and though she loves what she does the pressures of being famous and of her money hungry mother have gotten to be too much. Until she sees Collin at the Wilder Way Charity Ball after her performance. Collin takes a chance to see if Raevynn will even remember him let alone talk to him. Then they are leaving the ball together and basically going into hiding.

The rekindling of the romance was almost instant and that made the storyline move quicker between these two. It also helped that Rae was all about trying to win Collin’s heart again and Collin was only too happy to give it back to her. I would highly recommend this series and this book to anyone looking for a new twist on a fairy tale that we don’t get to see all that often. I like that even though Erika did the ones everyone does Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella she has also done lesser done stories and that keeps it interesting. I am totally here for the Goldielocks and the Three Bears that was hinted at in the last book.

Grab your copy today!

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