Code Name: Hacker by Sawyer Bennett

Published: March 31, 2020

The Jameson books just keep getting better and this one is finally Bebe’s book which we have all been waiting for since the first one. Or at least I’ve been waiting for it since the very first book. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Bebe is the computer genius of the group and half of the stuff that she comes up with is what is used for the boys on their missions. But she has lived a hard life and wants to only focus on her job and on raising her son. She missed so much of his life while in prison that she won’t do anything to jeopardize it. I loved how dedicated Bebe was to Jameson force and her family. Though she was constantly on edge thinking that all of the good fortune was going to be taken away she did everything in her power to make sure that wouldn’t happen. She even avoided dating even though she hadn’t been with anyone for years. Then in walks Griff and I like that Bebe described why she found him attractive because he wasn’t the typical pretty boy at first glance. And Griff was such a great character too. The way he protected Bebe and her family but also still respected her as a strong person was great to read. Not that that is much different from other romances but the respect seemed to come quicker in this storyline than in others that I have read.

I will give the readers a notice that some parts of this book could bring up some traumatic memories because Bebe was sexual assaulted but it is only mentioned a couple of times in the book. So not too much but it could still be enough for some people. I do have to say that the book was written in first person and now I’m wondering if I just totally missed that in the other books. I’m so used to books being written in third person that when it clicked that this one wasn’t it kind of shocked me to me honest. Didn’t take away from the story just threw me for a bit. I hope that you go out and grab this book but also don’t forget to enter Sawyer’s release giveaway on her page!

—-“The way I must die is disgraceful.” -Bebe—-

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