Bishop by Sawyer Bennett

Published: August 14, 2018

I have finally gotten to the Arizona Vengeance Series. I have wanted to read this one for quite awhile but never made the effort to go read it but since I recently received an ARC for the next novella Rafe I figured I should definitely actually read the series. And I am so glad that I did. This first book is a classic fake relationship story that begins because the coach’s daughter slept with one of the players for the newest team in hockey, The Arizona Vengeance. Well, not wanting to cause a riff between coach and player right away Brooke decided it would be best to just tell her father that she was engaged to Bishop. Everything soon spirals from there. Which is really what anyone should expect from this situation.

As the first book of a new series it introduces a lot of characters who will then go on to get their own books in the series but it’s always nice seeing how they are in the beginning and then reading their separate storylines to see how they’ve changed. Though Bishop didn’t get that introduction we still watched his struggles of actually really liking Brooke but not wanting to give up his lifestyle and then potentially losing her because of a fame hungry woman. I don’t have much more to write about this book because it was such a quick read for me. It was humorous, hot, and intriguing. All great characteristics for a book to have. I will say though that the book ended kind of abruptly. I was fine with it not having an epilogue it just seemed that they agreed to have a real relationship and then ‘the end’. I could have used a bit more subtle of an ending. Otherwise I highly recommend this book and look out for the reviews of the next books as I write them!

—“And you have every right to be mad about it, Brooke. No matter what led us to this moment, right now I’m yours, and no one should touch what is yours.” -Bishop—

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