The Last Real Cowboy by Caitlin Crews

Published: January 28, 2020

This book wasn’t my favorite ones of the Everett brothers but I did enjoy it. It was a quick read and it definitely had some intense feeling moments. Just the fact that both of the characters are the youngest in their families makes everyone doubt them and their decisions. The struggles that they both go through are something the baby of the family understands. But yes, I read this book awhile ago and am just now getting to the review but I am really interested in knowing if there are more books that will fall in the Cold River universe. There are a lot of Kittredge boys that need their own story. Because we hit the tip of the iceberg with Amanda.

As the youngest and only girl of the Kittredge clan Amanda is protected like no other. She is also treated like a child even though she is in her twenties. She just wants to be treated like an adult and to do that she needs to get away from her brothers. Brady promised he would give a year to his family ranch and his brothers don’t believe that he would do it or that he would stay afterwards. But in this book the thing that got me the most was how condescending his brothers were. I’ve read their books they were not that great of people to begin with and then they just place all kinds of blame on Brady because he went to college and got a good paying job. I really wanted to slap them at some points. I also think that Amanda handled her brothers much better than I ever could. Though I’m honestly a bit of a hot head. I wanted to do more than slap them when they were treating her like a naive little girl. So needless to say this book definitely got my hackles up in some parts but it was so sweet in others. You should grab it (if you haven’t already) just to finish out the Everett brothers. Ty is still my favorite even though he was an ass in this book.

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