Dax by Sawyer Bennett

Published: July 9, 2019

I could not put this book down. It was attention grabbing from the beginning to the end and definitely had an interesting storyline. This book literally began right where the last book left off. Well, slightly before the last book left off because Dax was in NYC to help Regan with the arrangements for her brother’s funeral. Lance was Regan’s older brother and Dax’s best friend and he left Regan without the life saving health insurance she needs. With a rare blood disease that Dax knows nothing about she needs to figure out what to do next. Once he finds out about Regan’s disease he decides that he will marry Regan until she can at least get insurance for herself.

But of course, Dax realizes that Regan is no longer the little girl who followed him and Lance around and she is a full grown woman. Who he is extremely attracted to. I’m a sucker for older brother’s best friend romances. And though Regan’s brother isn’t standing in the way of the romance she goes through a lot of emotions because she feels like she forced Dax into the marriage when it was his idea to help her. So there were a lot of feels in this book as well. Dax worried over Regan’s health and Regan worried over using Dax. Overall though I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to finish this series! Up next is Tacker!

—“There is some sort of connection between us that seems… almost ancient. Like maybe it existed before we were ever created.” -Regan, pg. 75—

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