Tacker by Sawyer Bennett

Published: November 5, 2019

Okay, so this book definitely hits you in all of the feelings. If it didn’t then you have a heart of stone and no soul. Which are things I claim to have but I guess I don’t since this book got to me. We have been following Tacker’s progress through the series and now he has his own book and we get a look into why he made the decisions that he made and the pain that he holds from his fiancee’s death. As the resident broody asshole Tacker has kept himself apart from his teammates. Well, he has tried but they won’t leave him alone. After he purposefully drives his pickup truck into a concrete barrier he is made to go to therapy and where he ends up couldn’t be better. Because his new therapist, Nora, can not only help him with his grief and suffering but she understands it on a level that he could not expect. Which also helps him to open up and heal.

Nora’s story in the book was just as tragic as Tacker’s. Her entire family was killed by Serbs in Kosovo when she was just a little girl and as someone who has personally studied the conflict in Kosovo I definitely had to stop reading to wipe away a few tears. This reaction came after she talked about what happened to her sister and how she wasn’t brave enough or strong enough to stop it. Honestly, totally heart wrenching but her storyline really worked with Tacker’s because it made him realize that if she could have a great fulfilling life after that he could to. I also really liked how they incorporated the different stories into this one. Like Billy was a part of several of the get togethers that Tacker went to and how Dax’s sister, Willow, was in Kosovo working as a photojournalist and Tacker threatens his boss to keep him quiet. I really liked Raul as a character too. He brought in some protective fathering but also offered some levity. Overall I think this one is my favorite of the series. Didn’t want to put it down and I don’t think that Dominick will be much of a contender after this.

—“You’re dating someone?” Bishop asks. / “Who?” Dax demands. / “Where did you meet her?” Erik inquires. / “Or if it’s a he… that’s cool, too,” Legend adds.—

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