Provoke by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: April 14, 2020

I honestly felt that I blinked and this book was over. I know that the 1,001 Dark Nights books are novellas but they aren’t a set number of pages. Some are longer than others and some are shorter. This was one of the shorter ones but I still really enjoyed it. I have only read one book in the Seaside series but you really don’t have to read the series to enjoy this book or read it. I liked Braden and the fact that he had a serious trauma that he needed help with definitely made the character more real. Piper was kind of a closet badass and though she wanted to keep her distance from Braden she also didn’t want to keep her distance from him. As seen with their budding romance

There isn’t much to say about this novella besides it was great. If you have read the Seaside series you’ll get to see some of your favorite characters again as they try to help Braden overcome his trauma. Also, the whole vision board thing is hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed whatever that was with both of them. Finally, this book really made me want to start the Seaside series. It was so good and I just want to know the group of guys that helped Braden through all of this. Also, there were some feels in this of the sad kind so be prepared for that. It wasn’t too bad but if you have some similar trauma it might bring up some unpleasant memories. Other than that this book is on Amazon only for 90 days and should be picked up by you!

—-“I’m not drawing random glitter dicks on my vision board!” I huffed. “The glue wasn’t sticky!” -Braden to Piper—-

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