Dominik by Sawyer Bennett

Published: February 18, 2020

We are at the end of the Arizona Vengeance books that have been published thus far. Though Rafe does come out at the end of the month so you don’t have too long of a wait for it. I started this series because I got an ARC for Rafe and man I should have started it earlier. Every book is great and all deal with different romance tropes which I love to see because sometimes in series they all become similar because they are one thing, like a hockey romance in this case. But this book is a billionaire romance with the staring role going to Dominik the owner of the Arizona Vengeance hockey team.

We see the beginning of the romance between Dominik and Dax’s little sister, Willow, in Dax’s book. Willow is her own person and fiercely independent. As a photojournalist she goes to some of the dangerous places on Earth and doesn’t let anyone make decisions for her. So it is highly entertaining to see her and Dominik butt heads as two strong willed people. But it is just as fun seeing their walls break down and them exposing their soft underbellies. If anything you should read this book for that entertainment factor. But it also ties into the Jameson Force books which I did not know. Willow is mentioned in Code Name: Hacker because she was the last one to see Malik alive and I had no clue who she was. So I loved that connection and I’m looking forward to her showing up in the next book.

—-“Have to say…it feels good, although I do think I’ll miss torturing him with my interest in his sister. Just a little bit.” -Dominik about Dax—-

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