Rafe by Sawyer Bennett

Published: April 28, 2020

This book doesn’t come out for about a week and a half yet but I hope that my review will make you want to one click this book rather than waiting to read it. As you’ve probably seen in the last week or so, I’ve been going through the Arizona Vengeance series pretty heavily and that was all so I could read this book. And it was a worthy endeavor.

This novella begins with the move of Rafe to the Cold Fury which was facilitated in the previous book. Rafe asks to be sent back to Raleigh so that he can spend as much time with his dying father as possible. What he doesn’t expect is his first and only love, Calliope, being such a big part of his parents’ lives. Still. Though he should have known he just didn’t know how to be around her and not be her boyfriend. But like any good second chance romance he was able to convince her to give him that second chance and to apologize for breaking her heart the first time around. Because it always seems that these romances come about because the guy is young and dumb and makes the decisions for the woman rather than talking it out. Typical.

Anyway, there were definitely some tear jerking moment in this novella. Towards the end because if you’ve read Dominik you know how Rafe’s father’s battle with cancer went. And that the Cold Fury didn’t win the cup. So I will be interested in seeing if Aaron Wylde’s book takes place in the new season, during the same time frame as Rafe and Dominik, or if it will take place in the off season. Either way I’m looking forward to see how Wylde deals with no longer being a playboy and to being introduced to the next line-up of characters for the books. Don’t miss this new novella when it releases. You definitely want to grab it!

—-“Because I need your friendship, too, Poppy. You’ve help me so much already with dealing with my dad. I mean, if I have to choose between friendship and sex, I would choose…and I feel like a total girl saying this, the friendship.” -Rafe to Calliope—

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