The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole

Published: February 2006

I love this series but I haven’t done a full reread of it since I started it in 2015. Normally with a large series I’ll only reread my favorite books but since I love the audiobooks for this series I figured I’d do a re-listen to get through. Also since this book was re-recorded with the current narrator it was actually better than the first time I had listened to it. This one starts with the origin story of the Valkyrie legend to ease the reader into the world of mythology. It then goes into how Nikolai Wroth originally meets Myst the Coveted. Now this part I didn’t remember being as long as it was but considering it is a novella I read five years ago I’ll give myself a break.

Basically the story then moves into the present storyline in New Orleans, LA (the only place to set a group of immortals really) and continues with Nikolai searching for Myst because she is his bride. However, unlike other paranormal romances that have to do with vampires in this one the vampire’s bride actually brings them back to life. And the process is jarring to say the least and it is interesting to read (or in this case hear) the description. Though Nikolai and Myst aren’t my favorite couple they are the catalyst for all the other books so reading this one is a necessity for the rest of the series. I highly suggest this series as a whole and hopefully you’ll continue with me on my reviews of it.

—“Should we ask them to rumble? Or maybe mash?” Nix asked as she swiftly braided her waist-length black hair. “I’ve heard those can be a graveyard smash.” – Nix to Regin, chapter 5—

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