Sidelined by Emma Hart

Published: March 2, 2015

The second book of the By His Game Series was better than the first one but wasn’t the can’t put down read that I’m used to from Emma Hart. Though I’m noticing I’m hit and miss with Emma’s backlist. But I kinda like that because I’ve come to expect the same thing from her current releases so it’s nice to see something different. Though this is a sports romance it also deals with a lot of feelings. Both Macey and Jack are slightly broken people with trust issues that need to be over come. Though that doesn’t seem to be what the couple wants in the beginning of the book or even three quarters of the way through.

I honestly loved that this book had the couple that only wanted a sexual relationship. I’m not sure that I’ve gotten more than one of those storylines from Emma Hart’s books so it was was refreshing to read. I also really enjoyed how snarky Macey was. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or come up with really inventive threats. Some of them that I’m sure I’m going to try and remember. In the end of course, the couple got their HEA but not without a few more dramatics and a bit of wondering how they were going to get rid of the grovelling, cheating, lying ex. There are only three books in this series so I will go ahead and read the third one but this hasn’t been my favorite series though still well written and entertaining. But no one can like every book from their favorite authors.

—“How you feeling?” / “Like a donkey kicked me in the vagina.” – Jake and Macey, pg. 111—

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