Wild Wolf Mate by Dianna Love

Published: April 23, 2020

If you had told me when I started this series that I would just continue to love each book I would be very surprised. Because I didn’t care for the first book that much but each book has just gotten better and I honestly think that this might be my favorite one. This book takes place just a day after the end of the last book so it picks up really quickly with Jaz still trying to clear her name and Adrian searching for her because he couldn’t believe that she was a murderer. Their story wasn’t without its heartfelt moments. I mean come on, Adrian was tortured by terrorists for weeks which caused a split with his wolf that he needed to mend in order to stay alive. And Jaz wasn’t wanted by her own mother and didn’t consider her own worth for a long time. Those were definitely some moments that pulled the heart strings.

However, with those the book also had some awesome fight scenes that I think topped the other books. Now the last one also had a pretty good battle at the end but this one had several and the last one was pretty gruesome in detail. Which is essential to any good battle scene in my humble opinion. Finally, I loved the set up for not only the next book but a possible spin off series. A spin off coming from the non-Gallize shifters that work with the Gallize and one other factor that will make itself apparent when you read the book. And the continuation with the fact that they located who they believe to be the Female Guardian. Only (and this is probably a spoiler) I think her mother is the guardian because she is looking for her and that woman disappeared centuries ago. Either way the series is setting up for some serious can’t put down books in the future. Don’t miss out on this one. And I believe the first two books in the series are currently free or really really cheap. Grab those too!

—“You’ll beg harder when it’s time for payback.” / “Promises, promises”. – Jaz to Adrian—

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