No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole

Published: October 31, 2006

I’m moving right along with the Immortals After Dark series. This is the second book in the series and honestly it isn’t one of my favorite. I loved reading this one again though because I had only read the book once (since it wasn’t one of my favorites). I will say though that most of the Wroth brother books are just eh for me. Might be because I’m a lykae girl at heart but maybe I just don’t like those characters. Anyway this book is about Kaderin the Cold Hearted and Sebastian Wroth. As you learned in the previous books Kaderin doesn’t feel anything and is the deadliest vampire assassin that valkyrie coven has. Well, Sebastian just so happens to be a vampire and she is tasked with killing him. For the first time ever, she hesitates and that changes the course of her destiny.

Even though it’s not my favorite book it is still pretty action packed and quick paced. Kaderin has entered what is basically an immortal version of the Amazing Race. Everything but killing your opponents is allowed and Sebastian enters just to stay by her side. This book also lets us see Bowen MacRieve’s grief and savagery on a closer level than we got to see in the first book. It is this that will set up for the next book. But in this one I’d have to say the best part was the race. The two protagonists were well written but they just didn’t grip me like others in this series. So I’ll leave this one here until the next time!

—“The Valkyrie didn’t believe in chance. For them, everything happened for a reason.” -Kaderin, pg. 164

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