The Matchmaker’s Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: April 5, 2016

I wasn’t planning on writing a review for this book but since I’m fairly caught up on my reviews and I wanted to give the non paranormal romance readers a break I figured I’d do this one. It is also a review late in the day so I apologize for that. This book is what started out the Wingmen, Inc. series which then turned into the Bro Code Series which I have already read and reviewed. This book is different in that it was all from Ian’s point of view. I’m still a firm believer in having both points of view in a book but it is always interesting when the author decides to go with the male one instead of the female point of view. I’m pretty sure this is only the second book I have read with just the male point of view. Kind of refreshing. Though both will always be my preference. Ian is kind of a typical jock jerk that thinks that he knows it all and has everything that he could ever want. Except his NFL career which is all explained in the book. Ian started Wingmen, Inc for something to do and kind of as a way to help others. Since he and his partner have broken dating down to a science.

Well that is until he meets Blake who needs more help than any of his other clients. With her tomboy look and hiding behind clothes much too large he knows that he will have to break her down and build her back up again. What he doesn’t expect is actually liking her along the way. He can’t believe that he is falling for a client and the whole process is honestly hilarious to read. If you need a feel good book at this time then I suggest reading this one. I think both of the characters have interesting stories and their interaction is quite comical. Also, if you read the book you can catch the movie on Passonflix. Which is a service I don’t subscribe to but I just might now that I know this one and a few others I like are on there. I hope you give this a chance especially if you were like me and read the Bro Code series first. Enjoy!

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