The Kiss Keeper by Krista Sandor

Published: May 12, 2020

This is Krista Sandor’s book in the Romantically Ever After anthology and it was such a cute standalone. The book starts like many of her’s with at least one chapter of prologue from when the characters were younger. It explains the connection between them and the curse they seem to share. Unlike her other books though the prologue isn’t too long and doesn’t detract from the book. This story moves seamlessly from when they were children to their lives as adults. One who is killing it as an adult and the other who is barely making it. Only by chance do they meet again and unfortunately Natalie makes a complete fool out of herself when she meets Jake. The seventh Jake that she has known and the one who has agreed to be her fake boyfriend when Jake number six breaks up with her over text and cheats on her in an airport. Jake wants nothing more than to make money and succeed in his career so when he finds out the crazy Natalie is going exactly where he needs to go.

Like all good romances they don’t expect to fall in love but do. This one though has a hilarious old nun in it that helps guide them along the way. Not only is she hilarious but she does and says things that you would not expect an 80 year old nun to do. Which totally makes it all worth it. I highly suggest this book to anyone who wants a quick fun read. This anthology looks like it is jam packed with interesting stories from great authors and Krista Sandor is donating all of her royalties to I believe an MS charity. Which is super cool of her to do and I’m sure close to her heart. Make sure to check out this story and more when the book comes out!

—“No, that’s perfect! Zombie lobsters, coming back from the dead to defend their non-lobster eating queen.” -Jake to Natalie—

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