Untouchable by Kresley Cole

Published: October 13, 2009

This is actually a novel that was published in a combined book with Gena Showalter called Deep Kiss of Winter. The audiobook wasn’t actually released until 2013 but by the time I got to it that didn’t matter because I didn’t read the series until 2015. Anyway, this is another Wroth brother book but it is the last Wroth brother. It has been noticed in the previous Wroth books that Murdoch has found his bride but no one can get hims to admit to it or to tell them who she is. This book explains how it happens which starts in the first book The Warlord Wants Forever. Murdoch is angry at Myst for what she has done to his brother and he figures he will just capture another valkyrie and make her tell him everything about the Lore. That’s when he meets Daniela the Ice Maiden who makes his heart beat and his lungs draw breath. Only Daniela cannot be touched by anyone but her own kind which makes being around people rather difficult.

This book had a lot of heart wrenching moments mostly when Murdoch gives up on Daniela and she is already halfway in love with him. But it also shows how strong Daniela is because she will not just sit around and wait for Murdoch. It takes most of the book for Murdoch to figure out how to be with Daniela but the storyline takes us through events of the the other books as well so it works out. Though this one is technically not a full length stand-alone novel it is still long enough to be one so don’t go in thinking that you’re just going to have a 150 page story. That isn’t the case here. This book was probably one of the best of the Wroth brother books. In my humble opinion.

—“If you don’t come join me, a merman might get frisky with me!” -Daniela to Murdoch, pg. 201—

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