Encore by Lane Hart

Published: May 31, 2018

This book was a quick read and was free on Kindle Unlimited. What my oldest readers know is that I love me a good reverse harem romance. Sometimes you just need a book that doesn’t have an elaborate plot line and frankly has a lot of sex scenes in it. That is probably the whole reason I continue to have kindle unlimited so I don’t have to purchase my reverse harems. Anyway, in this on an assistant from a record label is trying to get their once star band back on track by making a hit record by the end of the year. If they don’t then everyone, including the assistant will be fired. The real problem is that that the band is basically sick of each other. They are burned out and don’t know how to just be themselves again. One is a man whore, another a drunk, the drummer is shy and smart, and the last one is a big scary beast of a man with a temper problem. This combination of people shouldn’t work but Tessa is the assistant to get them all back on the correct path.

Though the storyline wasn’t exactly gripping and elaborate that is generally to be expected in reverse harem romances. I did enjoy the four different personality types of the men in the band and how Tessa’s own personality seemed to smooth their edges and calm all of them. The ending was a bit abrupt even with an epilogue. I wanted to know how it went for Tessa’s job and staying with the band and how the band’s new album was received. But since this one was just a quick fun read I can live with that.

—“Hell, baby doll, I don’t know how to be good” -Davis to Tessa—

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