Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole

Published: February 16, 2010

This is another one of those books who’s storyline spans the series thus far. We met Garreth and Lucia in Lochlain’s book originally when Garreth stepped in and saved Lucia after a fight with a vemon and the horde. And then again when the valkyrie used her as bait to catch Garreth in order to catch Lochlain. This is where our story starts but it continues through the other books in the series until we get to their fated meeting in the Amazon. That’s where Lucia is going to find the one thing that can kill her own personal nightmare. A god who can infect anyone to kill their loved one. She will do anything to get rid of him which is why she cannot give in to the werewolf.

This book just has so many feelings in it. You are cheering these two on but you are also yelling at them for their narrow sighted stupidity. And it’s on both sides not just the man’s. I had to clarify it because generally I’m yelling at the male character. I loved the challenges that were thrown at them in this book and the fact that Lucia was able to keep her archery even after being betrayed by the goddess who was supposed to be on her side. Which was good since that freed her up to be a lykae’s mate. Overall this book wasn’t my favorite lykae book but I enjoyed it immensely. And since I haven’t said it enough throughout these posts (I really haven’t) the audiobooks are amazing! I do listen to all of these and occasionally I’ll find the time to read them with all of my other reads as well but the audio is superbly done. If you’ve never done audiobooks before I highly suggest starting with these ones. Especially since the same narrator does the series from start to current book. I’m now getting closer to the books I’ve only read once so stay tuned for my thoughts after reading them for the second time.

—“Eyes on the prize, woman. It’s werewolf you’ll have, or none at all.” -Garreth to Lucia, pg. 239—

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