Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole

Published: August 24, 2010

With this book I am caught up to where I currently am in my reread of the series. I love listening to the audiobooks and this one is just so superb. I loved Malcolm’s accent. It was different than any of the ones used thus far in the series which was a great touch since Malcolm hadn’t had interaction with anyone not of his plane after the vampires had left. I really like Carrow as a character and (of course) Malcolm was amazing as well. It really hit me that Carrow’s magic is happiness based but she can’t fuel herself because she doesn’t know how to be happy. I think I related to that more than I did the first time I read the book. Malcolm wants nothing more than to be with his mate but he associates so much about her to the vampires who enslaved him and ruined his life. The way he started to get over this obstacle was so heart warming and then he was betrayed and the heart wrenching in the tale happened. I just wanted Malcolm to be happy and he was so angry. For perfectly good reasons but he was still so angry.

Not only was this storyline just really good it was our first look at The Order and what they are about. The next several books spin off of the main character’s time in The Order’s prisons. Because The Order collected beings from all over the Lore the stories that could continue from this one point in the storyline are quite numerous. Later on in the series we will see about Regin’s time there as well as find out what happened the Lanthe and Thronos. I believe that this is also the first real battle of the Accession in this series which will only continue to speed up after this. If you haven’t read this book or this series do yourself a favor and do it. Most libraries have the books since they came out awhile ago so check them out if you don’t want to buy them. I’ll be back with another Immortals After Dark review once I get through the next book.

—“If they escape? Try when! Two things that can never be contained? Velociraptors and zombies.” -Carrow to Lanthe, pg. 251—

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