Hollywood on Tap by Avery Flynn

Published: November 3, 2014

This book was just a cute as the first one and it was actually the catalyst for me reading the books. I got this one when it was on sale for free so then I needed to get the other two. Naturally I needed to start on the first one and after I read that I had to pick this one up right after. This one deals with the second of the Sweet triplets who is the quiet, prim, and proper one. Natalie needs everything to be just so and in it’s place but that is hard to do in the crazy life of a Sweet. So when she agrees to help make the brewery more efficient she will do anything to stay away from the stigma that is being a sweet in Salvation. She is also trying to kill her attraction to the brew master Sean O’Dell who is also hiding from the world. Between them they will need to figure out what to do about their attraction but also what is going on with the brewery. Someone is trying to sabotage the brewery and of course the town is no help in finding out who it is. So it’s up to them to figure it out and hope that their past don’t come back to haunt them.

This book was a fun and quick read. Natalie was such a cute character and her interactions with her sisters was so different. I liked that even though she was one of a set of triplets that none of them were alike. It would have been really easy for Avery Flynn to make them all alike but she didn’t and that makes these books much more interesting. I loved that Sean wasn’t who anyone thought he was and he risked it all by telling Natalie and almost lost her. I thought that was a nice twist to this story that was different from the town’s continued hatred. Look for my review of the third and final book in this series soon!

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