Forking Around by Erin Nicholas

Published: May 12, 2020

This is the second book in the Hot Cakes series and it was so cute. Jane is simple no nonsense girl who only wants to get through each day with a minimal headache. She is trying to keep her family together after her father was put into a nursing home for a disease that no one can properly diagnose. Dax is one of the men who cannot seem to take anything seriously but he knows that he will need to figure out how to be serious in order to win Jane. Although it isn’t that he doesn’t take things seriously it’s that he wants everyone to be happy and have a good time even if they are at work. I loved that about Dax’s character. He didn’t try to change things, he tried to make them better in order to make everyone happier. By being nice to Jane’s step-sister and helping with cleaning he bridged a gap between them that Jane didn’t know how to. Honestly, I think Dax is one of the best characters I’ve read in awhile because though he has his doubts and struggles with his father not accepting what he does he still lives every day to its fullest and doesn’t apologize for being a happy Frank Sinatra loving millionaire.

Can I just take a second to tell you how much I wanted all of the strawberry baked goods in this book? Like seriously a strawberry muffin sounds fabulous right now. Or one of the cream cheese bars. Yum. Anyway, this book is also kind of like a Cinderella story but with a twist since Jane doesn’t live with her stepmother but takes care of everything anyway since her sister still lives there. We never actually meet the stepmother in the book and I kind of wish we had because it makes things feel more like that trope if you meet the evil stepmom. Even the evil stepsister was more pettily jealous than actually malicious but that is pretty true to Cinderella. I highly suggest this book for a great new romcom that can totally be read as a stand alone.

—“How do you not feel your Italian ancestors stabbing your soul with their ravioli cutters from their graves?” -Dax to Ollie—

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