The Two of Us by Kennedy Fox

Published: May 15, 2020

This was an unexpected book. Kennedy Fox announced it a couple of months ago and because of it their other books were pushed back but that’s alright since this is the book was much better than I thought it was going to be and it helped them cope with our current world. So more power to them. In case you are unaware this book takes place during the current pandemic. They never state in the book what the pandemic is but unless you literally live under a rock you know. Another twist is that this one is a billionaire heiress instead of a billionaire playboy so that is a nice change. Though Cameron appears to be the stuck up princess and to need everything a certain way she is really just putting on an act and is rather vulnerable. Especially when it comes to Elijah whom she has crushed on for years. Then to be thrown into a cabin with him it could be disaster or it could be just the opportunity they need. If they take it.

After about midway through the book the storyline really started to pick up. Not that is was slow to begin with by it was like a train picking up speed. I will say that I loved that Elijah brought Cameron down to Earth a bit by teaching her how to do everyday things. Though I can’t cook so I don’t know how everyday that is. Also, using TikTok for tutorials? Did not know that was a thing. I thought it was mostly for dance challenges or whatever. Anyway, there was also an unexpected twist near the end of the book. Honestly, after everything that happened in the book that was not on my radar at all. Which is great because that meant what I guess was going to happen at the end didn’t. Seriously though, if you need to put a little bit of fantasy and romance into these trying times then this is a book you should pick up.

—-“Hmm… you’re going to get me drunk and make me watch porn?” -Cameron to Elijah—

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