Hot Mess by Emma Hart

Published: May 17, 2020 (Nook, Apple and Kobo) and May 19, 2020 (Amazon)

I wasn’t going to write this review so soon because the book doesn’t come out until Tuesday but I found out that it came out on Nook, Apple, and Kobo today so I why not write a review. I finished this book last night and I loved it. I’ve been kind of ambivalent about Emma Hart romcoms lately because they have all kind of felt the same to me but this one didn’t. I’m not entirely certain why it felt different but it was a really good different. Elle Evans ran away from NYC because her ex posted an unknown video of them having sex in a closet. She is a well known vlogger and most of her audience are children. She knows that this could ruin her career but she is also just worried about kids seeing or knowing about it when they shouldn’t. So after driving forever she ends up in Creek Keys, Florida looking for the impossible. A place to stay when tourist season is in full swing. That is until the waitress at the diner she stops at basically strong arms a hot, British, single father into letting her rent his unfinished beach house. Theo doesn’t want this because he knows exactly who she is and doesn’t want his daughter around her. I think that this book could easily have been an enemies to lovers story but it never quite got to the enemies level. Theo didn’t like her because he thought that the video was one she had knowledge of and didn’t want his daughter to be hurt. Elle was mostly just annoyed with him rather than having any actual disdain. Once they established that she had nothing to do with the video Theo started to warm up.

So the romance was more a friends to lovers because they slowly became friends mostly at the urging of a 9 year old daughter and nosy great aunt. In true Emma Hart fashion though she still writes fabulous octogenarians. And this group were conspiracy theorists who believed in aliens. They were absolutely fabulous but they didn’t dominate the storyline like it seemed the old ladies did in the other books. We saw a perfect amount of them. Before I close this out since it has been a fairly long post I do want to say that I appreciated the timeline lapses in the book to help move the story along. And the epilogue definitely brought a tear to my eye. If you don’t think it’s the sweetest then maybe you’ve been reading too many sweet novels and need to harden it up. I did receive a copy of this book for an honest review so I hope you all appreciate this post and grab this book wherever you prefer to purchase.

—“My cock was a twat.” -Theo—

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