Evernight by Donna Grant

Published: May 18, 2020

This book was just as good as the previous one! I’m actually pretty glad that I read book #3 recently because this book takes place a few weeks to a month or so after the last one. Like we all expected after that book Synne went on to seek vengeance for those at the abbey but while on that mission she ends up in the forest on the Lachlan’s clan’s land. We saw in the previous book that she had a special connection with the trees but after the Gira helped to kill her family at the abbey she became wary of them. After Lachlan has stopped her he knows that the only thing he can do is help her. Honestly, I thought he was a much more even tempered Scottish laird than would have been reality. But that could just be me. I loved that he believed her right away and instead of just sending her on her way he decided to help her with the journey. Lachlan also became a huge player in this book and the war. I can’t tell you why because that would be a spoiler but trust me he is totally necessary.

Now that the abbey of hunters is gone the Varroki play a much larger role in this book than in the others. They are where Synne is trying to get and why she is traversing the Highlands in winter. I want to point out that the way Synne feels about cold is how I feel about it. I couldn’t imagine going through the snow like that. Even with a hot highlander to keep me company. So much happened in this book but to write even a quarter of it would probably be a spoiler and I try to have a spoiler free post for new releases (at least). This book had a lot of surprises and a few unexpected twists but that’s what made it so good. Don’t miss out so grab it today for your reading pleasure.

—-“Lass, there’s no guarantee with anything in life other than taxes and death. Everything else is a draw. I know that each time I wake up in the morn. I understand that every time I face an enemy on the battlefield. Whether it’s a weapon, disease, old age, or magic that takes my life, I will die. What I willna do is stand aside and let others fight battles for me.” -Lachlan to Synne—-

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