The Love Game by Emma Hart

Published: March 27, 2013

The first time I picked up this book I was just not feeling it. I read about 50 pages or so and just put it down. Though it was a slow start for me again I was feeling it more and continued with it. Braden was basically the man whore of the freshman class at UC-Berkeley and he was fine with that. He didn’t do dating or girlfriends or even steady anything. But he wanted Maddie and she wouldn’t even give him the time of day. So he was challenged by his frat brothers (of course) to make her fall in love with him. Just to get her to sleep with him. However, the twist is that Maddie and her friends have a challenge to get him to fall in love with her and then she will dump his ass and make him feel like he has all the other women he has slept with. But like any good romance novel they actually fall for each other. Neither of them are what the other is expecting at all and while it all started out as a game to be played and won it ends up hurting both of them.

Once I gave this book a chance I think it has set up for a really interesting series. Maddie didn’t want to bring Braden down because of how he acted by more of what he represented. To her he was everything that was wrong with her world and everything that he brother did to her best friend. And while I’m glad that Abbi will get her own book I’m very apprehensive to learn what happened to her. I have a pretty good idea but I am also probably thinking in worst case scenario realm and I’m not sure if Emma Hart will get her books go that dark. Only time will tell for when I finally get to that one. Either way this book was a good start and I am looking forward to reading the others in this series.

—“So what? We all have to get our hope from somewhere, and if getting lost between the pages of a deep book gives me hope, then I’ll keep on getting lost, all the while hoping that one day I’ll have a real love I can get lost in. Because it will happen, to each of us. One day we’ll get so lost in love that we won’t be able to find out way back out.” -Megan, pg. 127—

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