Wicked Secret by Sawyer Bennett

Published: May 26, 2020

I hadn’t read any of the Wicked Horse series before now and though it has been on my list there were just too many to read them all before this book. So I am happy to announce that this is a true standalone novel. If anything you should be caught up on the Jameson Force books to read this one because it ties in nicely with those ones. Since August works for the original Jameson office in Vegas. This book was definitely a second chance romance as well as a secret child and even a bit of enemies to lovers. Leighton had to join the witness protection program with her father and by doing that she had to leave August behind. Only once she was in the program did she find out that she was going to have August’s child but couldn’t figure out a way to contact him. Fast forward 10 years and that child is battling for his life and the father that he never knew could be the only one to save him. Though August is pissed to find out about his son that way the protectiveness he feels is instant he will do whatever it takes to help him. Leighton has done everything she could to keep her family safe but knowing that the mafia might be after her father because she left is a hard burden to bear. In addition to that she is trying to gauge August’s moods because he is treating her like an inconvenience and a quick fuck. Both of which pisses her off. And I do have to say that she stands up for herself and ultimately puts him back in his place so that was satisfying to read.

Because I know what the Wicked Horse series is about I’ll let you know now that we don’t see much of the club in this book. We see some and we meet the hero of the next book but it doesn’t revolve around the club. Which makes sense considering the plot line of this book. I do kind of wish that the mafia would have been a bigger part of this book. Like at least actively looking for them rather than just stumbled upon them in Vegas. Though that did move them to Pittsburgh so I’m hoping that we’ll get to see more of August in the other Jameson Force books. And y’all I’m really looking forward to Malik’s book. I have no doubt that there will be a lot of tears during that one. And probably a substantial book hangover. Anyway, that’s what I have for you on this lovely book. I’m so glad it was a true standalone and because of that I’m really looking forward to moving forward with this series without having to read the backlist.

—“Settling in, I quickly immerse myself in a world of alpha vampires and sassy heroines. Reading romance has been a sustainable pleasure of mine over the years, a stopgap measure to replace what I’ve been desperately missing in my life.” -Leighton—

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