Hot and Sexy by Erika Wilde

Published: May 26, 2020

This is the first book in a brand new series from Erika Wilde. This book was a really good start and I honestly think that it will just keep getting better. In this one we have a female bounty hunter who is trying to prove herself as a capable PI and person in general. She can’t stand that her brothers can’t seem to look past the darkest day in her life but she understands their fear. Normally she would cater to them but in this instance she knows that going to get her guy will be easy. Or at least she figured it will be since he is a first time offender. Little does she expect that nothing about Dean is easy. Jo is surprised about how mannered and honorable Dean is and she is even starting to believe his in his innocence but to do that she will have to go against her brothers.

I will say that the ending of this book was kind of cheesy. Like it even had a cheesy line and everything. But if the bad thing is the cheesy ending I think that makes for a pretty entertaining book. It was interesting to have the woman the broody one who needed to be coaxed into love and trusting her feelings and have the man the one ready to dive head first into love. You don’t see that very often. At least I haven’t seen it all that often. This book had a quick pace and a good storyline. Even if there wasn’t as much action as I was expecting. I think that the next book is going to be even better so don’t miss out on Jo and Dean’s story.

—-“Besides, it all ties into that captive and bondage fantasy I’m trying to indulge in.” -Dean to Jo—

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