The First Score by Amie Knight

Published: May 28, 2020

This book was really cute. I will say that it took a bit for me to get sucked in because there was a lot of back and forth to fill in the back story. But it was all very relevant flashbacks so that helped with keeping the storyline moving. I really liked Hazel and Oliver. They were a cute couple once they finally admitted to each other that there were feelings outside of just being friends. Hazel was an introvert who had Scarlett and Ollie and her grandfather and that’s about it. She wanted to keep her world the same and to do that she couldn’t be having feelings for Oliver. That complicated things and she didn’t do complicated. Her life was hard enough as it was. Unfortunately, no one told Oliver that. This book started out as one about unrequited love. Oliver had loved Hazel his entire life and though it wasn’t easy he knew there was nothing anyone could do that would deter him from convincing her that he was the one for her. Oliver was also just so cute. He was like the perfect guy and he was smoking hot too.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure he is my new favorite book boyfriend. He is the kind of guy you bring home to mama happily. Why can’t I find this type of guy in real life? Seriously. I’m asking anyone who can give me answer. Anyway, we see a little bit of Scarlett and Luk in this one but not as much as I had suspected we would but that was alright. We didn’t see a ton of Hazel and Oliver in their book either. I am hoping that we will get Mason’s book next or another one the football players from Luk’s team. No matter what comes next this was a great lighter read and you should definitely grab it.

—“Gah, I can’t believe you’re twenty-five today. You’re like almost thirty and old as shit now.” -Scarlett to Hazel—

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