Trouble on Tap by Avery Flynn

Published: June 12, 2015

So I know that I read this book awhile ago and I even posted about the other two books quite awhile ago but I figured I needed to finish out this short series. Especially since this book was my favorite. Olivia Sweet and Mateo Garcia were such an opposites attract couple. And it was a super sweet second chance romance. Olivia left the little town of Salvation for the runway and she made it. She made a splash on the runway with her curves and attitude. She also had a standing relationship with Mateo to hook up every time they were in the same city and before he was deployed with the Marines. Until she wanted more and he shut her down.

I loved that they both ended up back in their home town. Only now Mateo doesn’t want to see Olivia because he was injured while on duty and medically discharged. He never wants to see Olivia again but when she shows up he is a total jackass to her. In theme with the rest of the series the town is against everything Olivia is trying to do. She just wants to make things better but no one thinks she can do it. Honestly, this book was good but it was a struggle because no one believed Olivia could do anything. She didn’t let anything get her down until Mateo took a piece out of her. That was all she could take. This was a fast read and though it is marketed like a Beauty and the Beast story I definitely see it as more of a second chance romance. I loved Mateo and Olivia and would totally read another with them again.

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