Loud Mouth by Avery Flynn

Published: June 22, 2020

This was such a good enemies to lovers story. I’ve kind of been waiting for this book for awhile because dates were changed and then changed again but I knew that no matter when it was released I was definitely going to want to read it. And I was not disappointed. If you’ve read the other Ice Knights books you’ve met Ian Petrov and his best friend Alex Christianson. You also know that these two are generally the happy go-lucky pranksters of the group. Not so much in this book after Shelby accidentally had a phone conversation overheard where the bomb of the real secret relationship between Ian and Alex was set off. Now Ian blames Shelby for this 100% even though he doesn’t know the full story. Hell, Shelby blames herself after finally achieving her dream of being a part of the Ice Knights media team. However, they are forced to get along when they end up in the same cabin in the middle of no where and then the power goes out and they are snowed in. Every romance reader ever saw that coming.

However, it wasn’t all roses after the cabin and that’s what made this book a bit more interesting than your typical snowed in romance. Once they got out (by being arrested for trespassing) they wanted to just ignore that anything happened. That is until Lucy got involved (I love seeing her in these books). Shelby needs to convince Ian to be friends again with Alex while they have an extra long stretch of away games. Only during this time she needs to convince herself to stop pining after Ian but after sleeping with him again she knows that her heart is going to get involved sooner rather than later. Which means it needs to stop. But Ian thinks he might be able to finally let her in but in true romcom fashion things are epically misunderstood before the happily ever after happens. Finally, I got this books as an ARC for an honest review and I seriously need more of the Hartigans. Like there’s still one brother without a significant other, right? But I also want more hockey so it’s a hard spot to be in. Either way I would definitely read this again.

—-“The ache in the back of his head, the one that throbbed and sizzled at the same time, went into overdrive at the reminder that his former good nature had died a sudden and painful death that hurt enough, it could have written by George R.R. Martin.” -Ian—

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