Hot and Heavy by Erika Wilde

Published: June 23, 2020

This was one of those books where I hate the star rating system because while I enjoyed it I didn’t think it was as good as the first one or as good as I was hoping it would be. I kind of wanted a bit more drama to it than what I got. But that’s because it was a boss secretary romance and I was just expecting more. Melodie was a very strong female character who saw what she wanted and took steps to get it. Like changing her clothes and hairstyle to project confidence. And though she didn’t believe in changing yourself for a man she also knew that she needed to be more confident in pursuing what she wanted. However, going into it she was pretty sure she wouldn’t keep everything about her transformation. Just the stuff that meshed well with and enhanced her natural self. She also liked the confidence boost that not being demure all the time afforded her. Though she could do without the men in her life thinking she lost her mind and not know what she wants. That’s what annoyed me the most about Cole throughout the entire book was him basically babying her even though she told him point blank that she didn’t need watching over.

Cole was so obsessed with not letting Melodie’s father down that he missed all the signs of her attraction to him until it slapped him in the face. He missed that she was very capable of being the person he needed on cases when called for even if it might be dangerous. Though Cole was an alpha hero through and through I felt like he restrained himself a bit too much in this book. I feel like if he hadn’t then the book what have had a bit more drama to it. But then he wouldn’t be the character that the author envisioned so there is that. I definitely want to finish this series out and will continue to read Erika Wilde. This book just wasn’t fabulous to me. It was simply good and that is okay. And before I forget I did receive an ARC for an honest review.

—-“At twenty-eight, she definitely wasn’t having fun. She was turning into an old maid while wishing she had the nerve to be worldly and wise when it came to men and relationships.” -Melodie—

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