Own the Eights Gets Married by Krista Sandor

Published: June 25, 2020

I wasn’t expecting a second book with Georgie and Jordan even though I knew that Own the Eights was going to be a series but I didn’t think it would continue with the original couple. Even though I didn’t expect the continuation of this couple’s story I still enjoyed it quite a bit. These two are getting married but it is never done the easy way for them. They are basically Denver’s sweethearts at this point which means that they are semi-famous and even their proposal goes over the top. Because of that Georgie’s mother gets involved and the woman is a handful. Though not as much as when they meet the wedding frau. Honestly, when the were talking about her like she was some mythical being I thought it was going to be the Bergen matriarch. That connection would have been fantastic. Anyway, instead the bride and groom find out that they don’t actually know a the nitty gritty details about each other and then they are thrust into an advanced wilderness boot camp.

Now honestly, I echo their feelings about being in the wilderness. I don’t blame Georgie for eating all the cookie dough and not being able to sleep. But Jordan definitely turned into the Emperor of Asshatery again and freaked out about losing to the woman who called him Straws. And in order to deal with that Georgie reverts back to the practiced beauty queen. Though Jordan could have stopped blaming her for that. I mean 2 days without sleep will really do that to someone. I probably would have killed someone but she’s clearly a better person. I did enjoy the ending of the book and I can kinda see where book three is going to go as well. Either way the wedding was not drama free but it wasn’t as dramatic as it could have been so I think it wrapped up the book well.

—“I organized a few shelves, then snuck a copy of the Kama Sutra in with the self-improvement books.” -Georgie—

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