Flame by Donna Grant

Published: June 30, 2020

Oh my gosh! THIS BOOK! Okay, so as the second to last book in the current Dark Kings (aka Dragon Kings) series it was so fucking good! Things are definitely heating up and heading towards the battle that we are expecting with Con at the front of the Dragon Kings. I want to take a moment though to let y’all know that though this series will be done with Con’s book in August but it will not be the end of the Dragon Kings. So though I’m speculating that we will be getting a war in the final book some conflict could spill over into the spin off series. But in all seriousness this book really develops our understanding of The Others and why they came to be. Also, how the humans showed up on Earth even though they had no magic. This information is what we have been wanting since the beginning of series. There are more revelations made in this book but I can’t state them all. That would just be no fun.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I really liked Cain. He was an unexpected king since I don’t really remember him from previous books but he was the perfect match for Noreen. Who is a Dark Fae by the way. But she is a Dark through no real fault of her own. Her story is quite interesting and I love how she doesn’t place blame on what she is on anyone else. She also continuously tries to protect the Dragon Kings even to the point that she might lose Cain forever. On a side note that isn’t really a spoiler can I just say how cool Cain’s power is?! He can spew hot sand everywhere. Now I can’t say that’s a power I ever expected but it’s so unique that I kind of love it. Honest. Finally, this book gives us more insight to Con than any of the previous ones. It sets up nice for his book and this one is a do not miss in its own right. So don’t miss it! And enjoy the suspense with me in waiting for the final book!

—-“Cael dropped his arms to his side. ‘I suppose Cain can eat you now.’” -Cael—-

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