Code Name: Ghost by Sawyer Bennett

Published: June 30, 2020

Well this week is just the week for highly anticipated books. This release is no different. We have been waiting for Malik’s book since like book 2 of this series and it’s here. I will say that it didn’t take a lot of cliché twists and turns that some single mom romances have and I liked that about this one. It wasn’t focused on the fact that Anna was a mom it was focused on Malik surviving being a prisoner and coming back to find the one person he can’t live without. That’s not saying though that the author made it easy on these two. Nope. They both struggled with different types of guilt over Jimmy and how they were supposed to act around each other. But the “supposed to” and “do” are sometimes pretty different. That’s what made it an interesting story.

Malik blamed himself for Jimmy’s death which made him kind of want to avoid Jimmy’s widow, Anna. That is until they are put on a project together because he is riding desk after his capture. Anna just feels a strong connection to Malik that she can’t explain. As they work together and become friends that connection grows into something more. These two were so cute in how awkward they first were and then in how they wanted to make things work. I really liked that the author took us through the process that made Malik decide he deserved a happy life instead of just being like “he’s better now!” I fully believe that this book should be read and enjoyed by everyone. But it is not a stand-alone and will make more sense if you read the previous books first. Some of the books in this series can be read alone but I don’t recommend it for this one. Finally, I was lucky enough to get an ARC for this book so I hope you thought my review was honest.

—-“Malik is a bit put out that his supposed bro-code theory was a bunch of hot air, but, secretly, I think he’s relieved he doesn’t have to defend his own honor over loving me.” -Anna—-

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