Making Whoopie by Erin Nicholas

Published: June 30, 2020

This book was too cute. Seriously. So we have met Josie in the other two books as the mastermind behind the bakery, Buttered Up. She does all of the cake decorating and the complicated baking but she also does baking on the side. We learned this in the last book but in this one we kind of learn why she does it. Not only that but she is romantic and has romanticized her connection with Grant. This is kinda dumb on her part since she doesn’t know much about him but she can’t help it. Anyway one of the things I liked about this book is that it wasn’t as much of a slow burn as the other two were. We find out Grant’s feelings (or at least attraction) towards Josie pretty early on. This also leads to Grant wanting to take care of her even though she knows she can take care of herself. Until it’s imperative that she has health insurance.

Now from reading the blurb I knew this was coming but the reason behind the surgery was a surprise. I figured she tore something in her shoulder which is why she was in so much pain. Not what it actually was. And I honestly really enjoyed the struggle Grant went through in this book. He was the logical-money guy and nothing about his time with Josie was logical. He wanted to help her and protect her. But he also wanted to give her the world. That is until a day into their marriage and they learned some pretty interesting things about themselves. But he still came around. I want to say as well that I was happy with the ending. I thought it was cute and wrapped up their story pretty well. Now I really need Cam’s book though. That’s going to be such a good second chance romance. I hope my review was honest enough for you since I received an ARC for this novel. Don’t miss out on the rest of the Hot Cakes series either!

—-“So yeah, his friends were the exceptions to the rule of men sucking when it came to women. There were a few of those. Grant ran into them once in awhile. / But mostly men sucked.” -Grant—-

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