Capture by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: August 20, 2015

Okay so I’m gonna start this post off with some truth time. I totally picked up this book because I was getting an ARC of Surrender and I knew that I needed to read the whole series in order to appreciate the new book more. Now all of the books in the series can be read as a stand-alone but this is the first book of the spin off Seaside series, Seaside Picture. I will also state that I have not read the Seaside series. Though I think it would have added a lot (especially to this first book) it isn’t necessary. I will read them eventually and then it’ll all click into place. Anyway, this book deals with Hollywood’s heartthrob Lincoln Greene who is in Seaside to film Jamie Jaymeson’s newest movie. And since he can’t seem to keep an assistant from stealing from him Jaymeson offers up his sister-in-law, Dani. Now Dani was a unique character because she was selectively mute. She couldn’t get past the block in her mind about talking no matter how hard she tried. That was new twist for a heroine and I liked it.

Of course, Lincoln eventually gets her to talk to him and her family again but things just kind of get crazy from there. Especially since she is only 17 and Lincoln will not go there with a minor no matter how much he wants to. So the romantic struggle between them was interesting too. Also, I loved Zane. He is a side character in this book but his book is the second one in the series. He is hilarious though has boughts of seriousness. Honestly, the male characters in this book were all pretty hilarious and had me in stitches. I liked the combination of seriousness and hilarity that Rachel wove into her book. I hope you grab this one if you are behind like me and haven’t started the series yet. You won’t regret it!

—-“I want a hamburger!” he growled. “No more rice. Rice is for pregnant people with no taste buds. I’m a man. I demand beef.” -Jamie to Dani—-

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