Eden’s Outcast by Kuta Marler

Published: October 21, 2018

This book isn’t my normal fair of book. If you follow me you know that I stick almost solely with romance novels but this one definitely wasn’t a romance. But I really enjoyed it. It is a shorter novel so it didn’t take a long time to read but it was so different than most fantasy books that I’ve read out there. In this one the main character is Lilith the mother of monsters but she doesn’t remember what happens every time she dies. Only her dragon leather bound journal keeps her from forgetting her entire life. But now her past is coming back to her and now she has a human friend that she doesn’t really know what to do with but she really likes.

The fantasy element of this book was so different. I loved the world that was being built. I really liked the take on angels as these scary beings who only want to rid the earth of anything supernatural and they blame Lilith for all the supernaturals. So she is basically enemy number one. Well all but one of them blames her. That one would rather have a relationship but she doesn’t remember him. So there is that. I also thought that the whole blood thing was quite creative. She has to have all of her blood returned to her or she basically turns into a monster who will eat anything. Not that she doesn’t already but still. Anyway, I did enjoy this quite a bit and there are a slew of novelettes in this world that connect to this story. I will definitely get to those eventually.

—-“Facebook? I had a book made out of faces once. Wouldn’t shut up.” -Lilith—-

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